Your next station in digital marketing – AMAZON

At the end of 2017, Amazon finally launched the complete online shopping service in Australia, which gave a huge surprise to all Australian and promote online shopping business model into next level. Due to the unsuccessful experience in Australia market, this international online retail giant deliver wide range of products and convenient services to build customers’ loyalty and confident from previous failure launch. A year after, Amazon is going to provide new digital marketing service similar to Facebook AD manager and Google AdWords, which is designed for all business to purchase advertisements targeting specific customer on Amazon.

Although Amazon occupies only 4.1 percent ($4.61 billion) of U.S. digital advertisement spending, it beats other advertising service provider, such as Oath and Microsoft, and is challenging the domination of Facebook and Google in the industry. According to Amazon’s report, it revealed that $2 billion in advertising sales is recorded in third quarter 2018, which has nearly 129 percent increase comparing to 2017 and become 3rd biggest digital marketing provider in the market. You may consider that Google and Facebook are providing complete and latest digital marketing services and technologies for marketers to access target market, there is no reason to shift your marketing budget on other platforms. However, the power and function of Amazon is more than your expectation. Amazon is different from search engine and social media; it is focusing on the front retail sale and product demonstration on single platform, which means that advertisers would have direct connection with target amazon users to deliver product and brad information immediately. This kind of business model would be effective for retail business to raise exposure and awareness to target customers with interests on kinds of product. While Amazon customer base is huge and worldwide, it would be an ideal marketing platform for retail business owners to explore potential market, raise brand awareness and build positive customer relationship.