There are already many companies that are making use of VPN networks with different objectives. A VPN network is a virtual private network that is characterised, from the technical point of view, by the fact that it masks the IP of the equipment that connects to the Internet and sends the data in an encrypted form. Therefore, VPN networks are totally secure, which is a crucial advantage for companies.

The following are the benefits of a VPN network to companies:

Simple and inexpensive technology. It allows you to connect the offices of two separate companies thousands of miles away simply using the Internet. Therefore, it reports enormous benefits, which contrast with the simplicity and economy of its installation. No cables are needed but the Internet itself is used.

Save distances. As we pointed out in the previous section, thanks to a network VPN a company can connect the computer equipment of offices that are located in different cities simply using the Internet. This is a great advantage for companies, which are increasingly more internationalised in a global world like the one we live in.

Telecommuting. A VPN network facilitates, on the other hand, telework since from his/her own house and with his/her laptop or desktop equipment, an employee can connect to the office in a very simple way. Here comes the game VPN server. The computer you want to connect remotely to the VPN network will only have to have an Internet connection and a client program installed, which will allow you to connect to a VPN server. Once these requirements have been met, with a username and password, the worker can connect to the office as if he were there.

This also offers advantages to companies when an employee is displaced for travel reasons. With your laptop and the client program, thanks to the VPNserver, you can network with your colleagues in the office and take advantage of free time to continue working.

Security. A great benefit of the VPN network for business is the high level of security it offers. The company’s data transmitted through the Internet in this type of networks are fully protected, because technologies are used that encrypt the information before sending it. Tunnelling and the SSH protocol, of the safest that exist today, are those that are usually used.

Anonymity. As we pointed out, in the vpn network the IP of the computer is masked, so that anonymous connections can be made. This allows, for example, to prevent web pages from locating us geographically.

These are enough reasons for you to decide to take advantage of the VPN network for your company, right?