Your business needs custom software for project or department, but not just any pre-packaged offer will do. When this happens, you need MaITS and our expert Sunshine Coast software development services. We’ll take you from brainstorming to implementation, with no detail missed in between.


Depending on your capacity, we can support your existing team in developing new software or manage the process ourselves. Our goal is to develop a solution that saves you time and money while meeting your business’s needs. To make any developed software work for your company, extensive planning needs to be done to understand the scope and size of the software required, as well as how it will be tested, measured for success and put it into action.


We kickstart our software development process by sitting with your team and unpacking their problems and concerns, including how they’d like the software to assist them. We’ll use this to create a design, complete with any products that need to be developed and technologies, infrastructure and solutions that need to be integrated, as well as potential security and privacy bottlenecks that could hamper progress. If any internal or external resources need to be involved, we’ll make the necessary arrangements. Before we start coding the project, we’ll also identify if any third-party tools can be used to slash the time and cost involved.

Throughout the process, you’ll be kept in the loop, and we’ll let you know which milestones we’re achieving and are soon to accomplish so you can see the exact progress taking place. This will help you maintain the quality required and assist with reporting.

When we approach the testing stage, we’ll integrate UX and UI design elements to ensure the software remains as user-friendly and intuitive to use as possible.

Once the project is complete, we’ll ensure a total knowledge transfer takes place so that your team understands and is fully trained in the software and can use it to the best of their ability, with limited intervention from our team. We create every solution to last, scaling up or down along with your business. We’ll always be on standby if you need our help with maintenance and upgrades, which we’re happy to provide