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Cyber Security

On the Internet, Pirates or computer hackers are interested in attacking a system to gain profits illegally; Hackers, who are the ones who do it simply as a challenge of hobby and technique - that is, they are more respectful of the information; And sniffers, who track and observe all messages on the network.

There are many places in enterprise networks where hackers can penetrate to introduce viruses, extract information or cause damage of all kinds. Also, it is quite frequent the capture of illegal traffic, the intruders being able to have very valuable information about behavior, personal information and even information of the carried out transactions.

In this way, the Internet has to protect itself from these undesirable behaviors from a double perspective:

  • Security and privacy of the user.
  • Security and control of access to corporate systems.

The need for a security policy

With all this, it is obvious that it is necessary to establish an adequate access control policy to the needs of the protected environment and that its effectiveness depends on the extent to which it is applied correctly. We must be aware of what can and cannot protect a firewall to supplement security where necessary. That is, to establish a firewall requires a specialist in protection systems that fully understands the needs of the system.

But as with any system, for a firewall to be really effective, it must be a balanced part of a global security architecture. It does not make sense to concentrate important resources on a complex firewall system, if our security system has weaknesses at all points (floppy disks, the users themselves, remote access modems ...). In fact, in a recent study by Datapro Research Corporation, it was summarized that the distribution of network-based security problems responds to the following distribution:

  • Errors of employees: 50%.
  • Dishonest employees: 15%.
  • Careless employees: 15%.
  • Intruders outside the company: 10%.
  • The physical integrity of facilities: 10%.

At MaITs we can help you build the best security plan tailored to your business some of our practices are:

  • Capture traffic from a network for later analysis.
  • Analyse packages to detect possible anomalies in the network.
  • Detect which systems are active within a network.
  • Search for open ports on a system using different techniques.
  • Identify the software and operating system running a remote computer.
  • Determine which type of protection device is suitable for each network.
  • Compare and choose different types of firewalls according to their characteristics.
  • Implement devices for connection filtering and attack detection.
    Protect data from insecure networks through encryption of a VPN.
  • Create a secure connection between two computers to protect data transfer.
  • Propose the implementation of different VPN topologies according to each case.
  • Issue certificate and certificate signing requests for use with HTTPS.
  • Create a Certification Authority prepared for internal use in an organization.

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