IT Support



As a business that relies on technology to generate an income, you want to know you’re getting the most value out of what you’ve invested in when it comes to software, hardware and training. Unfortunately, sometimes problems occur that slow your business down or cut into your profitability. When you experience this, contact MaITs for our 24/7 Brisbane IT support services so you don’t spend one more second of unnecessary downtime.



When you’re operating a large business, you can create a dedicated team to troubleshoot all the IT issues you have. However, when you’re still growing, you may not have the funds or capacity for this. When you outsource this service to our team at MaITs, you’re getting access to a fully staffed technical support helpdesk that is ready and waiting to help you in any way that you need. This can range from minor issues including (forgotten laptop passwords or problems printing a file) to major ones (potential virus breaches and machines that won’t start).

Having quality IT support only a phone call, email or visit away means you are not reliant on a third party with no affiliation to your business for help. Because the MaITs team is contracted to you, we ensure your business is treated with priority and as a matter of urgency.


A common function of our IT support team is to diagnose the cause of technical problems and dispatch a simple solution, unless a more complex one is needed. MaITs also installs and configures systems and programs required for your business to function. We provide training for you and your staff to use these systems efficiently and effectively. This ensures input problems are avoided and your employees are empowered to use these systems to their fullest potential. A significant part of our IT support team’s tasks is to log and date queries and problems for record keeping and efficiency purposes. By collecting and analysing these logs, our IT experts can better pinpoint and prevent common problems or suggest a better solution. Our team is continually trained and up-to-date on knowledge of the latest marketplace developments which allows your business to be at the forefront of its tech and IT fields.


Call MaITs today and speak to one of our IT support experts inBrisbane or Sunshine Coast, for more information on how we can help your business. Our first consultation is always free of charge.