Google new metrics you should pay attention to evaluate your goals

Did you notice that page loading speed of your website is slower comparing to your competitors? Or do you need to spend 10 seconds loading time for a single image on the browser? In most situations, they are caused by size of image files and programming of web structure, which have direct influence to users’ bounce rate and session time. Therefore, lazy loading content would be possible and effective option to reduce audiences’ loading time on site images and other visual information.

Basically, there are two kinds of information being loaded when audiences access to your website, they are First Content Paint (FCP) and DOM content loaded (DCL). For FCP, it will be triggered when any content is being detected by the render, including text, image or canvas. First Paint and First Paint Content are different, while First Paint is triggered by any render detected in the browser, it could be uninformative change as background color. FCP become an important metric for SEO specialist to expect user experience on web performance, it would provide accurate and clear insight for them to do targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to increase page loading speed and raise search engine rank. Besides FCP, DCL represents the HTML element behind your website, it usually costs shorter time to be triggered and loaded comparing to FCL.

Lazy Loading is a technique that defers loading time on non-critical resource such as image and text on the web page. For instance, the placeholder image suddenly replaced the final image when you scroll the page into the viewpoint. This technique is effectively reduce the time for users and search engine to load complete image and critical information on websites to achieve higher search engine ranking. Especially, users from mobile browser would definitely need to this technique to save money, time and data when they are surfing Internet on the street. You just need to few easy steps to install some HTML tag in your websites to raise the competiveness of your website on search engine and provide user-friendly experience towards audiences.

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