8 benefits that Online Marketing brings to a local business

Some of them choose to execute actions, especially Social Media on their own under previous training, while others choose to outsource. About this last thing there is nothing written but what is certain is that if you are not going to do it well, because you do not have time, you do not feel like it and / or you do not have training, it is better whenever you externalize. I am a supporter that even if the employer and / or employees are outsourced, they have to contribute their bit as it is the person who is always in the business, with 10% -15% of the total work in Social Media may be sufficient.

Some benefits obtained by a local business with Online Marketing are:

Connect with your audience. Through Social Media and under previous study to explicitly “attack” our target, we connect with them and find out what they are looking for, what their real needs are. We generate community, we clear doubts and we even make improvements in our products or services based on the needs of our potential client.

Expand your brand Regardless of whether you are a local business, thanks to the Internet you can reach a multitude of people that you did not reach before. Keep your social profiles present on your postcards, verbally encourage them to add you and offer special promotions for them. Prepare a strategy for capturing leads, since email marketing is still a very powerful weapon to stay connected with your customers and influence their final decision.

You keep informed. Thanks to some monitoring tools, we can know the latest trends in our sector, which can help us both make improvements and generate relevant content, we know what they think of our company, to act if necessary and we know what actions are implementing our competition.

Establish professional relationships by expanding your image on the Internet, you have the option to meet new professionals in the same sector or complementary sectors with which to exchange opinions or better yet, establish partnerships and promote both businesses thanks to them. Imagine a language school that establishes a collaboration agreement with a tapas bar to give free classes there one day a week, both win!

You reduce costs. With Online Marketing you are not only more effective as we have said in the first point if you know where your audience is and what they are looking for, but you also reduce costs compared to traditional press, radio and television media. It is the great asset of small businesses to fight against the big companies.

You are social, local and mobile. Also known as Solomo (Social-Local-Mobile), geolocation forms and will increasingly form a more important role for local businesses to be found by their objective audience. Strategies in Google Places, social networks such as Foursquare and the generation of comments, are increasingly playing a decisive role in many businesses, especially tourism and hospitality. Increase the final purchase decisions on the mobile, so it is better to have the web optimized for mobile.