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The blurring line between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Did you notice that page loading speed of your website is slower comparing to your competitors? Or do you need to spend 10 seconds loading time for a single image on the browser? In most situations, they are caused by size of image files and programming of web structure, which have direct influence to users’ […]

Powerful web analyzing tool you deserve to have – Chrome User Experience Research (CrUX)

Google Chrome is one of the famous web browsers in the world, there are over 1 billion active users using its services to explore Internet nowadays. As we know, Chrome has tight connections between users’ profile and other Google services, such as search engine, YouTube, and Google Drive, users’ searching experience and interaction are significant […]

Local SEO is your first step to success

Once you prepare good IT equipment, strategic marketing campaign and stylish website to run your business, you discover that your target customers are inactive and low engagement in your website. This situation may be caused by insufficient information or incomplete backlink support of your business to gain higher position on search engine. At this moment, […]

Are you choosing the best keywords to get better search engine results? – Or looking for good and professional IT services to improve your business competitiveness?

Don’t panic. MaITs is a Queensland-based online company with locations in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We offer all-around IT Managed and Online Marketing services essential to take your business to the next level.   Due to the rapidly transformation of the Internet and digital technologies, well-constructed IT system and strategic digital marketing are powerful […]

How Internet Marketing Brisbane Can Help to Grow Your Business

Marketing of an item is an intense procedure, particularly with furious rivalry. It is difficult to bring new clients on the web. Subsequently a internet program by an online marketing internet marketing Brisbane company or agency can enable you to do the trap for less cash contrasted with traditional marketing which will cost you 2/3 […]

What is ROI and how does it help us in our online marketing strategy?

Measuring the results of the marketing actions of the company is key to seek the greatest effectiveness of our advertising actions, with the lowest cost. On the Internet, there are tools that allow us to measure the impact of any advertising action and we can find out the profitability of a marketing action thanks to […]

Would you like to get more business from your website and see it ranked #1 in Google, Yahoo, Bing?

Redundant question of course, since we all want to get more business and get to the top of the search engine results. Just think for a moment about how much more business being at the top of the search results would give you. Your website is your silent sales person. It should be paying its […]